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Stress took a strange turn...

...toothaches are not supposed to be psychosomatic, are they?
And no I did not get to see a dentist who told me all was well.
But I did take three doses, since yesterday of extra strength Tylenol for the pain, since we all know it is NOT an anti-inflammatory that it is for pain!
And I still have a dull ache there where my booboo tooth is.
But the local dentist office's fellow at the desk was so very rude and said they could not fit me in, and Hubby mentioned his conversation with the last evening supervisor saying we could wait as walk ins.
He said no.
But he did ask and came back with an alright and started to take my info, while telling me that this first free visit with x-rays included was going to cost $116!
You see, the only insurance that I do not have is dental, and most anyway that I investigated take six months to kick in whether you have a toothache or not, and they are within our budget, but as luck would have it...
Pain before coverage is not a good thing, although I …