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3D X-ray of Tatas, toothache, and tally of caring follow-up day!

Today I had my yearly mam-mogram and I realized that I have been going for thirty-two years before they determined an arbitrary number/age for beginning to check for this insidious disease that we all know has no idea if its victim is fifteen or fifty!
As we all know of people even men who have gotten breast cancer much younger than the abstract age determination by the medical professionals and mostly insurance companies, for the start of examining people, to make sure they are okay!
Any-who, I went again and this year I was not in the cone of uncertainty, for me that is in ten year increments. Truly it is!
1992 left one surgical biopsy lumpectomy, hyperplasia ductal, but benign?
2002 bilateral surgical biopsies lumpectomies, both benign!
2012 right one stereotactic biopsy, benign!
And so by simple deduction of logic I am good for five more years! And this 3D X-ray is supposed to be more helpful in preventing false positives, thus ending unnecessary biopsies!
My Mom had breas…