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Healthcare, my personal take and experience.

For myself horrifically I actually went six years without any coverage and that was a nightmare.
Not my fault at all, we were offered COBRA for just me when Hubby took early retirement due to an injury and his insurance was covered, but not mine. What's wrong with this picture?
Oh BTW COBRA back in 2006 was $1200 a month for just me, and too expensive for us!
It took several months until Hubby's pension kicked in and his social security to be able to pay normal bills with slight wiggle room.
He did receive quite a bit in retiring as a lump sum and we took that money and paid off our boat and car loans, credit card bills, less monthly worries in monthly expenses and that did help tremendously!
So for six years I basically wheeled and dealed my hospital stay and surgery payments, doctors etc. while maintaining our excellent credit rating. Most all hospitals ambulance services and surgeries can be negotiated and paid off in increments... then along came a less expensive he…