Healthcare, my personal take and experience.

For myself horrifically I actually went six years without any coverage and that was a nightmare.
Not my fault at all, we were offered COBRA for just me when Hubby took early retirement due to an injury and his insurance was covered, but not mine. What's wrong with this picture?
Oh BTW COBRA back in 2006 was $1200 a month for just me, and too expensive for us!
It took several months until Hubby's pension kicked in and his social security to be able to pay normal bills with slight wiggle room.
He did receive quite a bit in retiring as a lump sum and we took that money and paid off our boat and car loans, credit card bills, less monthly worries in monthly expenses and that did help tremendously!
So for six years I basically wheeled and dealed my hospital stay and surgery payments, doctors etc. while maintaining our excellent credit rating. Most all hospitals ambulance services and surgeries can be negotiated and paid off in increments... then along came a less expensive health insurance for preexisting, and no it wasn't Obamacare as of yet, and it was over five hundred a month for just me with still thousands out of pocket needing negotiating to be paid off that weren't covered, but we did that too! That was horrid for about a year and a half and then yes along came Obamacare, YAY!
Hold on... too fast for that, no, not such a yay... it was cheaper about three hundred and fifty a month and I still had too much out of pocket, and then to get a better plan I thought so anyway, but I was wrong...I went with the best for nearly six hundred a month and I still had thousands out of pocket, surprise!
My light at the end of the tunnel was taking early social security at a mere sixty-two years young, but I wasn't working then due to the MS and so I would qualify for Medicare at sixty-five, and WOW that is how we finally saw the actual light at the end of the tunnel, even with my F plan Supplemental AARP United Healthcare for a mere $184.10 a month relief was like an infusion of additional monetary funds! You see, for with my just priced right supplemental that picks up the 20% that Medicare does not! Thus no more out of pocket at all!
Too bad they cannot make some form of Medicare for the young with them paying only a supplemental?
But Medicare is what had been taken out of our paychecks all those years we had worked and so we paid for it and it should not be tampered with at all!
It is ours lock stock and barrel!

As far as universal healthcare goes, with me now looking from the outside in... we definitely need to tweak Obamacare, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, keep what is right the pre-existing coverage and maintaining coverage for adult children twenty-six living at home and getting their working legs under control,insurance premiums should be negotiated with the insurance companies they are taking too much from the people; think quantity of amounts of covered people to make that money back, not gouging the multitudes, price it right and you will still be making enough and than some to cover your expenses! Listen insurance companies!
Fix it!
Those six years of no coverage and then the irrational thought of being covered when paying for coverage, but not by any means in reality being totally covered is shameful for our country!
We have to do better, much better for our young people and families! I am out of that game, thankfully! More money in our pockets gives us all more to spend on other things, like vacations, retail items such as new appliances, landscaping, maintaining our homes, etc.!
After all we are the richest country in the world; why then oh why do we have people still dying due to not having access to their basest need of maintaining their health?
It is just morally wrong!
But it can be fixed, and I do not believe this president can do it though sadly.
Someone has to!
Please take care of the ill and change the costs of all healthcare and related items like medications!

Moving on...

I have been binge watching the BBC Sherlock, and enjoying this modern version in London. Having been a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's novels that I read voraciously when bed ridden for six months years ago, enjoying all TV and movie stories old and new about Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson and Professor James Moriarity are like meeting up with old degenerate but clever  friends once again.

On that note please allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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