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I've been thinking... again!

...And we all know how dangerous that can be, hmm?
I have a friend on FB that I had known decades ago in real time and I was a bit concerned when this friend of ye ole days, not saying male of female, but when they posted an expression that we hear about Vegas. You know the one, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this person said that about themselves using their online name. Made me cringe and again to become concerned with the privacy issue that so many misinterpret in my opinion. Posting pictures of family and grandchildren is more dangerous than telling about yourself and leaving them out of your conversation, since they are not in any type of jeopardy that way!
But the fact when we post family, including small children, teens, etc. and grandchildren pictures the powers that be say that those innocent photos can be photo shopped and used in nefarious ways! I'm just saying, so be careful! That is why I do not show my sons photos or even baby pictures and most travel one…