I've been thinking... again!

...And we all know how dangerous that can be, hmm?
I have a friend on FB that I had known decades ago in real time and I was a bit concerned when this friend of ye ole days, not saying male of female, but when they posted an expression that we hear about Vegas. You know the one, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this person said that about themselves using their online name. Made me cringe and again to become concerned with the privacy issue that so many misinterpret in my opinion. Posting pictures of family and grandchildren is more dangerous than telling about yourself and leaving them out of your conversation, since they are not in any type of jeopardy that way!
But the fact when we post family, including small children, teens, etc. and grandchildren pictures the powers that be say that those innocent photos can be photo shopped and used in nefarious ways! I'm just saying, so be careful! That is why I do not show my sons photos or even baby pictures and most travel ones are shown when we are safe at home not during our trip or away letting people know that we are gone, even restaurants included in that, day trips too, sometimes paranoia is a very good thing and smart to be cautious. Identity theft is prevalent from all aspects of technology so I am just passing on what I have been told by people in the profession to make us stay safe.

Moving on...

Yes, I was binging on Netflix again and on of all things, dare I say, Californication all seven seasons of it, done. I think I have now taught myself to be not as cringe-worthy prude as I have always been! Desensitized, but in reality I still question the necessity of F----ing this and Sh---ing that b this c that and on and on... and the nearly pornographic nothing left to the imagination sex! Okay a little bit was... but
the underlying story was so compelling about an author and his likeability of his kind relationship of tenderness and understanding with his young daughter as she matures into a young woman with more common sense than him miraculously almost looking at her parents lives as an outsider with objectivity and commentary wise beyond her years, as well as the fact that he is so in love with the his "Baby Momma" of that child. I hesitate using the word, "touching", since that in this storyline means everything, drugs alcohol people of all sexual persuasions. It originally aired on SHOWTIME, 2007- 2014. All done with that one now and wondering where my taste of viewing all the depravity will take me next, ha? Now Hubby's Vampires don't seem too bad... but I miss Ann Rice's writing of Interview with a Vampire and its sequels, now that had everything way back in the 1970s!:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Rice
Although, for a change of pace...wholesome would be nice, or a continuance of some of those series that they made more of and we the public are waiting!

Moving further along...

Babcock Ranch a 50K person complex, an all encompassing community that will be run on solar power, had its ribbon cutting this morning and will continue tomorrow with its Founder's Day Celebration!
Here's the info:https://www.babcockranch.com/founders-fest/
We were going to go today but it was too damn hot!
The temperature was supposed to only go up to eighty-eight, way too hot for me standing/sitting outside, but in actuality our thermometer read ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit, now who doesn't still believe in Global warming, really???!!!!!
Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the lower eighties, if not we will still be home.

On this note of please be safe and perhaps suggest ideas for binge worthy watching to me, I love many genres, allow me now to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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