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East is east

Not the last wall to our home but the last one in the parade of pics for publication. (The fourth side the west is west side has our garbage bins on it , and it is our paved courtyard that begins where that vine covered arbor appears in the bathroom window pics are.)
And yes, that is a metal sculpture that could use another refresh!

Oh, with the two bathroom windows and tile wall-hanging I forgot to mention that very conspicuous vine on that arbor off to the left of the photo, it is a grape vine. An attempt at growing our mini vineyard. Back in 2005 I believe it was, for argument's sake let's say it was I had this grandiose idea of visiting all fifteen of them, could be more or less by now, our Florida vineyards. Our weird idea of our version of the movie Sideways, but totally different, not a last hoorah before losing our freedom, since we had been married by 2005 thirty-four years already; just the vineyards part! We made it to one vineyard only, and we purchased that vine …