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I say I am a blogger.
But is that a writer, per se?
Prolific too, I am, I am.
Verbose no question ever.
Even on my worse days I have something to say.
I tell all, or much or TMI.
Things that interest me, and some of you, but not all.
Trying to hit a nerve, reach a nerve, being nervy!
Presumptuous, assuming, and rather off putting, at times.
We all have something to say, but I do say it, you can too, why not?
Guts or fear, or I don't care... but I do.
And I have warned you.
Criticize me, but to yourselves, ha.
For in truth I am a gutless wonder!
Telling tales of my true life and how I see it and hoping that some commonalities hit you at home in your heart or your soul, or just saying oh yeah!
For we are a mutual cohesive lot of human beings, no matter what happens in life we always come back to needing one another no matter what for too many reasons!
For no man or woman is an island.
And the love for one another pricelessly shall surpass our differences that cause us discomfort.