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Refresh renew!

Repainting did wonders for that chair, by the way it has got to be over eighteen years old and was bought believe it or not at BIG LOTS back then for about twenty five bucks, if I recall. Its first colorful painting had been black, white and turquoise and pink after its neutral colors, which right now I cannot remember but they must have gotten boring! This time even its plaque on the back of the chair was sprayed gold, and yes the same gold spray  used on those night stand lamps and the HOME sign, but the plaque was too far gone for my concoction of lemon juice and baking soda for just cleaning to work, although it was turning the brush brown so if I was able to rubbed it for a while longer it might have, but I wasn't. Any-who, Hubby again did a great painting job on the refresh of the chair don't you think, now you can tell it had faded by the brilliance of the redo colors! Oh well, the difference is subtle I suppose. Really you can tell by the green. Meanwhile Hubby did ge…