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Interesting word in my title, sort of stands alone for meanings, hmm?
Past tense of go or gone.
Merriam Webster says the definition of went to be: the past of go:
Simplicity at its finest... or not.
I wish that the Orange Frothy Haired Guy went already!

But my title tonight is personal in the sense that I did go, so I went to independent exercise once again today.
I just stayed off my hands and wrists, ha and increased the other two full body and slant board exercise equipment's' counts, like in the all over body one I did twenty-five minutes, on level five as well the setting of  mountainous, but I rested my hands on my thighs instead of holding onto the grips. On the slant board one I increased my reps from three sets of  twenty to five sets of twenty!
A decent fifty minute or there about work out!
Three days a week should help for now.

Moving on...

Hubby is remembering to water our moved plantings and replanted caladiums'…