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Going or not going; tis the question?

Is that similar as to be or not to be?
And get your minds out of the potty room!
The going I am referring to is presidential, not really in his case, but can it be possible to actually oust him, Pres. DJ?
I cannot remember even in recent history that we the people had that ability to change administrations except for Richard Nixon and Agnew seeing that they had no other choice, we basically had them dead to rights in the Watergate Scandal, so they quit, forgoing imprisonment.

But we are dealing with an entity that believes he can do no wrong while everyone else is doing him wrong!  A mentally unstable character.We must investigate every wrong doing during the election and then get him! Get him good!
The Russian connection is an absolute thorn in his side, his "Non-payment" of taxes undisclosed are surely hiding something too, his business dealings we know are shady! We must pursue them all with counsels before he finishes his first six months or sooner! So many avenues to l…