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All better now!

Geez, globally the world is in the toilet, and people are dying daily from international wars, and economies are nasty in so many places and here right at home we have the worst president in our history and I took two days to wallow in self pity, Geez I feel like a putz!
Gosh, you know what helped me the most was something Hubby said.
He said let's rewind.
Okay, not as poignant as some might say, but enough and true.
He also said that we are going out today to do those errands we had not done in those two days I was recouping/regrouping?
So we had a fine day out after breakfast and went to Home Depot and got some weed and feed for the lawn, and Eucalyptus mulch for the gardens, see he did want some, and some stone edging that looks like logs but not really, and is made from cement. Both were in the brownish color scale, since we made the house so bright with the yellow this will tame it a bit. We, for a New York minute almost went with red, since everyone is doing it, get your mi…