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Hubby stated that today was, "BORING!"

Hubby's follow-up question to that statement was, "So what are you going to write your blog about?"
Sure it was boring or ordinary! But didn't Jerry Seinfeld make a mint off just that? His years of shows about nothing, so we are in very good company, and "nothing" is what I am very, very good at, so there! ( I just stuck my adult tongue out at you!)
My reasoning is plain and very, very simple, since we are not jet-setters, political minions, or movie stars or even reality show personalities, some with more personality than others; as we all do know!
We are just an average Joe and Jane with lives that on occasion percolate and on other occasions simmer and some times, quite often just melt into the woodwork of what we call daily life with others... the multitudes, just like me and you!

Any-who, Hubby was right.
Today it was a day to wait for others.
The repairman for the noisy fan on our brand new fridge said it was its normal sound, but if we bought a more…