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Being prolific ...and this being NOT MY PRESIDENT'S DAY!

...should being prolific mean that our Orange Frothy Haired Guy count for something like him having perseverance?
Participation award?
Bland reasoning?
Content IS important with distinctive reasoning and his is convoluted, trying only should count when you succeed at proving that you did it for something significant and reasonable and truly doing one's best should mean something, but let's face it we all should be praised for winning as a BIG accomplishment, and then there is his followers, misguided as they seem to be of this so-called Pres. DJ! We can only ask why, they STILL defend him??????????????
Yes, he IS a prolific TWEETER!
Yes, he has shown his perseverance being trying on all of the rest of us, that is TRYING OUR PATIENCE!
Yes, he did compete and participate in a contest to win the grand prize/position of the presidency, but only by rigging the outcome.
Remember it was he who stated the election was rigged! No one else's suggestion; that is until he DID win, wh…