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There it is again...

...that racist, all white page staring back at me!
I can hear it saying ( don't worry, not really, but if...), "Write something and make it good!"
None of that narcissistic me, me and more me stuff!
Or any of that sickening melodramatic medical too much information crap either.
Ya know there is just so much your audience can take TOBI ZEL!"

Yep, that is my alter ego or pseudonym, sounds better, Tobi Zel!
Actually, years ago my "real name" was let out of the bag, and it does show up somewhere here.
Stephen King? Robin Cook? Nah, I wish or even James W. Hall would be great, Randy Wayne White? Nope.
All great authors of non-fiction and fiction.
Not me though.

Oh it's okay.
I do get read anyway, if not in astronomical numbers, but with a bit of consistency, who could complain really.
I am nothing if not verbose.
This has meant so much to me for these last eight years seven months and six days short of eight months with now as of tonight, 3160 blogs to my …