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Continuing from yesterday's teasers...

First I hinted that the "new" refrigerator has created some problems.
And it has.
Although as you saw last night it fits perfectly where it is, but... we had received a phone call at seven thirty A.M. on Wednesday morning just before its scheduled delivery that was between nine and eleven and we were told that they could not get another one and that our brand new one had a ding in its side, but if we want it they would give us a ten percent discount...oh well... Hubby told them that we will look at it and then decide.
When it arrived and Hubby went out to the delivery truck to look at it, it had a dimple on the side that would be up against the wall. Hubby still felt that they could give us a better deal and he stuck to his guns when he asked for a fifteen percent discount, when they then stood tight on the ten percent. The women who was negotiating was talking to the department head and then got back to us with a sales receipt emailed to us that credited back to our credit…