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Mini pics tonight!

Below you will find our new stainless steel appliances, not the top of the line since we are simple folks. They are nice anyway. My new range is a convection one with an enormous glass window to see how you're cooking! The smooth top has neat burners that sizes can be adjusted according to the size of your pan or pot and are totally invisible when off, and there is a fifth burner for just warming. The microwave is slightly more powerful than our last one and otherwise is pretty similar. All appliances are Whirlpool and made in America! The refrigerator is as big as we can fit in that small space but it is a galley kitchen and those doors at the end are my pantry with slide out shelves, plus my laundry room has more pantry space, since we moved the water heater out into the garage when we had to get a new one and it went up to a forty gallon just last year. Question where is your coffee maker in your kitchen? Ours used to be next to the sink but I moved it across from the sink to…