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Shocker! And thank you, thank you!

I do believe yesterday's was my all time high, so thank you all very, very much for such a sweet nice thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day that I can mistakenly or not think it is how I feel that you are showing your love to me! (Or not.)
Delusional as that might seem, but who cares, I like it and it makes me think that you really, really, like me too! Calling on my inner Sally Field child, ha!

Any-who, today's previews shown are before I publish tonight's blog and those numbers should increase exponentially and I think that unless there is a major shake up we just might not beat last night's, but that is okay...I guess...I suppose... really it's alright, yes it is just okey dokey! Hubby catch me I think I might faint! KIDDING!
I will definitely be fine... but once you have been this high (My hand is over my head) it is kinda, sorta difficult to accept mediocrity, ya know what I mean?
But I will live, to fight another day, and to continue to survive, because th…