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The Humane Society in Englewood Florida will be receiving our old refrigerator and range; they have a thrift shop there to sell them in. I wonder if they would take our extra couch, I should have asked.
I'm trying hard to get rid of some of the clutter. Two couches in the sunroom looks a little bit much, but the one I want to get rid of was bought for the guest room, since it is a nicer styled white futon type but with thick round metal legs and the cover that I had on the good white living room couch that was donated to the Cultural Center. We had decided to put a full sized bed back in there a few years ago.
We had thought with not having so many visitors these days, actually after Hurricane Charley when the original bed had glass shattered all over it from being under the only window that broke due to our neighbors roof going through it and having no warning, then, so we thought that the couch would suffice, but then my Mother- in- law, did not look so comfortable on the futon…