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No smoke signals or extreme pain today!

Well, I bet that surprised you? No? Me neither really, something had to give.
Everybody should have at least one day where  they can call it mundane, but not too many of that nature... for no one really wants that!
I know that I don't.
The adrenalin has got to pump, we must have imagination, make life an adventure, seek to learn and learn to seek... Oh I don't know, enjoy each day with an open mind and a child-like curiosity.
Behave, be devilish, be unique, be artistic, be creative, be musical, be political, be a voracious reader, be a town crier, be able to commit, be able to pick a side, be a voice of hope and respect, be a non-fool about what is true and right, and be non-accepting of all you read or see, be an investigator and find out what is what!
Love all people, even yourself!
Care as if everyone is related to you!
Now once you have accomplished all of that take a break!
But not too long, keep on going, on, and on, and infinity!
Or death, whichever comes firs…