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Staring back at me

Sometimes inanimate objects tend to do that, don't they?
A clock, a dial on a machine, analogue or digital, equipment shouts in its blind banality.
Although, they do have a tendency to move, hands, numbers, words, if you read what they say...they occasionally scream at you in their silent way, or not always so quietly in fits of weeping or angry cries all due to a need to be stared back at by you!

Today I had PT, physical therapy, this time with Sarah, the one person who has been going there as long as myself, over twenty years.
I once again got first dibs on the all over body exercise machine, that has mountains and a choice of numeric abilities, and I was set on four with mountains and to accomplish the terrain within a twenty minute window, which I did, and over sixteen hundred steps and sadly only about fifty calories dispersed/burnt were from me.
Got to use those arm pulleys again, third day for that.
Sarah came up with different combos from rowing to pull downs…