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What an interesting realization...

... ya know Hubby and I were counting down on all the places that we have lived over the years and we realized that where we live now in this "home" is the longest that we have lived anywhere!
We have been living in this home eighteen years this past New Year's Eve!
Born in Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City NJ for me while living in North Bergen NJ 1 1/2 years with mom and dad.
Then, me, moved to Paramus NJ for fourteen and half years with mom and dad.
Then Emerson NJ for four years till I was married, resided with mom and dad.
Next just short of two years in Oradell NJ with Hubby and baby number one son, until he was six and half months old.
Next Lakewood NJ for six years with Hubby and sons.
Next Lanoka Harbor while finishing building our Bamber Lake home in Lacey Township NJ for nearly seven  and half years lived there with Hubby and sons.
Then Ormond Beach FL two residences, nearly eight and a half years with Hubby and sons.
Then Punta Gorda FL for four years, …