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Welcome to February!

For us significant things have happened or are happening in this month.
I say significant, since not all were happy happenings.
Our youngest was born on the eleventh, happy, forty-one years ago this year, our estranged son, sad, our anniversary is on the fourteenth with our marriage occurring forty-six years ago this year, happy, but sadly the day after our eleventh anniversary on the fifteenth my mother died, very sad, thirty-five years ago on that date a week before what would have been her seventy-first birthday on the twenty-second.
Yes Mom was born on the same day as George Washington the father of our country, and when my grandpa, my Dad's Dad had no record of his birthday so he decided to choose to share my Mom's; the day, not the year, ha. He was born in the eighteen hundreds in eastern Europe, more unclear since we have been doing our genealogy on that side of the family, oddly enough. I had been told he was from Austria as a child, but these days it could have been …