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Oh where has sweet restful sleep gone?

Wondering for the last several days why my sleep deprivation has returned for I cannot come up with any logical reasoning for this unhealthful occurrence that periodically tortures me.
I have eaten light and well, and have had exercises to exhaust me and no nasty horrific or sad thoughts have awoken me from any mini short drifts into dreamland.
Why oh why do I have these things happening to me that cause me to stay awake for mostly all night?
I think I have gotten perhaps two to three hours of slumber in the last four nights.
Hot tea and my CPAP, breathing machine, have not been able to waylay this fleeting, thankfully,  disorder, and yes it has been known to come and go.
Who knows what causes it to return as a mean unwelcomed stranger for then I would be cured!
My best way to regain some resemblance of normalcy is to wait the aberration out... I have not-a-thing to expedite my sleeplessness to regain momentum in its peacefulness to return to an acceptable behavior!
Ah sleep, where i…