Oh where has sweet restful sleep gone?

Wondering for the last several days why my sleep deprivation has returned for I cannot come up with any logical reasoning for this unhealthful occurrence that periodically tortures me.
I have eaten light and well, and have had exercises to exhaust me and no nasty horrific or sad thoughts have awoken me from any mini short drifts into dreamland.
Why oh why do I have these things happening to me that cause me to stay awake for mostly all night?
I think I have gotten perhaps two to three hours of slumber in the last four nights.
Hot tea and my CPAP, breathing machine, have not been able to waylay this fleeting, thankfully,  disorder, and yes it has been known to come and go.
Who knows what causes it to return as a mean unwelcomed stranger for then I would be cured!
My best way to regain some resemblance of normalcy is to wait the aberration out... I have not-a-thing to expedite my sleeplessness to regain momentum in its peacefulness to return to an acceptable behavior!
Ah sleep, where is thee?
I am here waiting for your delicious return!

Moving on...

Today I visited my P.A., Adriana, in my bariatric doctor's office in Venice Florida for my check up.
I continue to do fine and according to acceptable weight loss for my particular procedure, the gastric sleeve. At just a relatively short time of three and a half months, I am stuck, for now, with a weight loss of thirty-six pounds, but counting down! (I hope so, anyway. Yep, of course I will!)
My only other competitor is my self, since at my age that is what one should do is be the best you can be, at any age really, and with my abilities or lack there of, after all I am NOT an Olympian!

I neglected to ask about the important questions that boggle this gals concerns, like will caffeine and I every renew a happy energetic relationship? Is spice truly the variety in life we all desire, and can my tummy take it?
And lastly, most importantly, has wine become just another one of those things of loss I will find myself occasionally whining about or is there hope of a rewind/e, ha!? ( I will call tomorrow)

Now I will leave you all with those thoughts to ponder and I will forever more try hard not to fall asleep until it is a respectable time for that! Oh, I finished all nine seasons of the X-Files, and found a new show, but also with Gillian Anderson again as one of the stars, but now a blonde with a soft Irish accent, played well, a detective in Belfast Northern Ireland secreting out a serial murderer, riveting. Three seasons of The Fall.

Lastly allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share of all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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