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As days go...

This one went fairly well.
Except for my tummy issue that was tamed by a Pepcid Complete just before physical therapy today at 2:15 P.M.
It had felt as if I had swallowed glass, just horrid, but subsided thankfully!
I had made healthy cabbage soup from scratch with everything from yellow squash to onions, garlic cloves, mushrooms, carrots and of course a half of a head of Savoy cabbage chopped, as well as beef and chicken sodium free bullion and stewed tomatoes, a dalliance of a splash of low sodium V8, Kosher salt and ground pepper to taste as well as thyme, a smidge of Cajun spice and also a dash of Old Bay too, all simmering for two hours on the stove, hearty and healthy soup, mmm, mmm good!
But as with many good soups with many ingredients that are not as easy for me to swallow as I once could before, cabbage is one it would seem, but after three plus months of after surgery I really thought that my tummy would allow it and that it would be alright.
Although, my tummy told me ot…