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Go here, go there, at times it seemed as if we were everywhere!

Talk about cutting it close, moments of concern, of being somewhere on time!
Some days going anywhere on the Tamiami Trail/route 41, named for its being the original route from Tampa to Miami, can take as short as ten minutes locally to a half an hour for the same distance, "in-season", "snowbird season", that is.
Today, I had my internist six month check up appointment that is approximately five miles from home.
Logically, it should take less than ten minutes with every light in you favor and no accidents and no heavy traffic, and on any summer day it can.
Today we made every other light, and the traffic was moderate and it took nearly twenty minutes!
We arrived in the parking lot on time, but then tried to find a handicapped spot at the doctors' offices and there are only about eight spread throughout! This place is not just several doctors offices, but also has tests from blood work to x-rays are done there, as well as prescriptions filled, a mini hospital!