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PT, other stops, and thoughts about...

Physical therapy today with Bryan, the youngest of the group that works at the Fawcett Sports Rehab. where I go for my therapies, celebrating my twentieth year there!
He made a mistake and asked me what exercises I have been doing and I told him and he was determined to change it up and so we did.
The mat which is like a raised extra wide table/bed, about the width of a full sized bed, with a thin mat cover and pillows is where I did a majority of my exercises today.
One and half pound wrap weights for each hand and up and down motioned movements and back and forth and another pushing downward direction, each with twenty reps.
Leg lifts with weights five pounds separately lifting, my right leg knee, supported by a wedge, righty is stronger than my left with the same weight, and the left weight felt way too heavy, got a back spasm, tried breathing deeply for a while, it eventually helped, and I did accomplish the reps of twenty too for both!
Bent knees up and in and out, again twenty …