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Love Hate Relationship; hate might be a bit strong, but not happy!

He helps people he hurts people Senator Cory Booker, I used to truly respect this man, now I am concerned about my own ability to make proper choices about people. Please read this extensive reasoning of why I feel this way in the article below. His goodness to most everyone will always outweigh his bad least I truly hope so, please Senator Booker re-examine the BIG Pharma medication hikes!
They are needed meds with life and death implications for all of their users!

The problem is I have my own fight with my own version of the Epipen controversy. You see, that mine is Anoro Ellipta, my asthma inhaler is now a tier 3 medication that went from $47  for a two month supply to now $455 for the same quantity and time period, but mine is dosed daily not for emergencies only. (I also have an allergic reaction to bee stings that could have by now have turned into needing an Epipen, bu…