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Today we left the manse!

For the outer world.
Our drive was one of some time and distance and we arrived without any designated concern for we were on our own and nothing matters then; only selfishly ourselves!
Mystery solved another art festival another bunch of truly happy people whether observing or purchasing we all came with one incentive deep in our souls to enjoy the mild Florida temperatures and to enjoy the scenery!
From pet watching to people watching to admiration for other peoples' talents it was a very successful smile ridden day!
Something about being outside in fresh air with artsy people makes one wonder why anyone should  ever return home.
But alas these things do have a beginning and an end, and since we left after our lunch at one P.M. to go there all the way to Cape Coral about forty miles one way as the crow flies a little less if your GPS tells you how, about thirty five miles that way... besides it closed at five, but more tomorrow if you missed todays joy!
The high seventies with …