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I repeat, Dagnabit!

 My two nightstand drawers took no time at all to neaten, perhaps an hour due to massive paperwork from my medications and blood tests and hospitals' folders etc. and I even found of all things a 2009 tax return, would you believe! Our copy, so no worries there, but why there is a mystery when all others are in our file cabinet. Many have been shredded since the new rule of thumb of keeping non-business ones for only five years, I think. Sad and shameful though that the year of 2009 must have been the last time I cleaned that top drawer out! (Oops, did I say that out loud? Ha!)

No sweat, like my other cleaning projects that had had me dripping wet; this last one was way too easy breezy.

And my appetite came back, don't worry I'm not overeating since I really can't, my tummy tells me NO! 
I am still only eating small portions, but I did eat each of today's meals, ice pops in between, but I lost another pound, yay!

I have not been doing my exerc…