Sunday, September 10, 2017

188.9 miles away from our home!

I had taken nifty PICS of the outside of our temporary home, Extended Stay America Suites, but for some reason the normal transfer that I use is malfunctioning. All I can hope is that since I now sent it to another email address is that it might work?
Who knows.
Boredom with mellowed anxiety, is that an oxymoron?
Any-who, we are very much trying to get the information of what is happening at home via The Weather Channel.
Unfortunately, the weather channel in the midst of all the excitement consequently has their own problems with its viewers not being able to get their transmissions as slickly as we would all like to.
Our hotel has the Dish-Network a satellite system for access to their programming.
But sadly with the disaster when we most desire and need to know the technology is being tested to its limits!
Errors are appearing on the screen when we lose the picture from the satellite transmissions.
Checking our cells and laptop they too have had staccato sometime-rs workabilties, (another Tobism, its been awhile)!
My cell phone just came across with a blaring Emergency Alert Severe red triangle with a black exclamation point inside of it, stating that, "A curfew is in affect from 7: P.M." or some such thing.
Since it disappeared off my phone when I looked away! Weird!

Any-who, even here the rain has been all day long, and to give you an idea of where we are the title tells our distance, but not direction, and we are north east of our hoo.
Although, I do realize we are much safer here even with them possibly getting hurricane winds of 85, a bit different from 120-130, here rain too in possible double digits, but no storm surge, home now 15 FEET from the land and we are on the water, here we are at a 62 foot elevation and inland over forty miles.

Now we just got a tornado warning till six-forty-five!
Hubby refused to come into our safe bathroom here, inner room!
He is too big to drag and Gus went back to sleep!

Maybe I will be able send pick tomorrow if we make it through another weather emergency!

Love to all be safe and share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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