Monday, July 31, 2017

Weather, weather, weather...!

She came she saw and she conquered that is EMILY, short lived tropical storm forming in record time from last night's inception of a depression to this mornings creation of that tropical storm, but apparently made her mark on thirty-one of our sixty-seven counties in this fine Sunshine State of Florida, the governor has declared a state of emergency!
Sorrowfully it reminds me a very, very little like Hurricane Charley where our area was physically devastated with homes destroyed and truck in trees and roofs in canals and our own Gazebo gone too and less than ten miles away was untouched. That was a category 4 with 145 miles an hour winds storm/ HURRICANE, and little Emily was just a tropical storm that was at its fiercest had 45MH with 65 MPH gusts, without causing us anything more than a rain storm here. Many areas away from us saw more, erosion on beaches with choppy surf  south of us in Cape Coral, a large branch going through a pool cage in Naples also south of us, with a hotel resort having its roof torn off and causing damage to two of its rooms on Ft. Myers Beach, also south of us! North in Tampa a mobile home had a tree land on it creating a devastation for them. Flooding was sporadic and is receding now.
But now the gal EMILY has tamed and has diminished into little more than a tropical depression and on her way exiting our state via our east coast!
Just in: All watches and warnings have been dropped!

A sampling of what's to come this coming month, tomorrow August the notorious high time for hurricanes!

Let's hope not.

Moving on...

So much else going on such as the "mooch" has quit:

General John Kelly has been sworn in today as the newest Whitehouse Chief of Staff, which these days means within days he will be swearing as he leaves! But he is not a quitter; good luck!

Two words: calm cohesion.

Moving on once again...

I signed up for a class to learn about CKD, chronic kidney disease, the class is this month in a few weeks and taught by a dialysis nurse.
I spoke to Laurie Carpenter on the phone today, the nurse teaching the class.
And mentioned my avid reading since I found out about my newest diagnosis of stage three renal failure. She agreed with my theory that the very high protein diet I was put on after my bariatric sleeve surgery may be contributory to my condition that shows up in blood work in January not in August of 2016, and in fact according to pre-op blood work done in September there was no indication of any kidney disease with all blood work in normal range.
Any-who, and also that I am not a type two diabetic with an A1c of 5.7, which is a slight pre-diabetic, but distorted due to the IV steroids infusions done a month prior to testing.
And through other investigating I have found that Multiple Sclerosis can be responsible too as it is progressive for CKD.
Odd that once I stopped taking too much high protein drinks daily I leveled off in my blood work for the GFR, which determines that I have stage three kidney failure, mine is only 53, the range for stage three is 30- 60, which means kidney failure. Sadly, once it begins it cannot be reversed, but it can be slowed for years and years and that is what I want to accomplish. There are two stage threes; a 3a and 3b, and I am stage 3a, the lesser of the two three stages that means better than stage 3b.
Stage 4 you need dialysis and stage 5 is when you need a transplant and you should get your paperwork/ life in order, actually that is always, getting yourself in order, ha... I know not that that is not funny in this context.
Why stages one and two are barely discussed I have no idea, but I do believe we should have.
Than maybe three wouldn't have happened?

I heard back from my chronic care nurse who was supposed to follow up on my referral for the nephrologist, and it was ready to go in on Friday except for the nephrologists name!
That long Indian name that I could not pronounce sadly, and so I said I would go into the other room and get it that it was written down and we ended the phone call..., oh well.
The name of the group was easy and Debbie the chronic care nurse remembered after all and took care of it and so now it is delayed probably till Wednesday!
And that is the day my Copaxone will be delivered again.
We have to sign for it since it is refrigerated.
So we are here all day, but UPS once delivered it to the wrong house and here it is usually always hot and it sat there all day long since they were not home!
Thus the signing for it.

Next I had called the nurse Cindy, from Dr. Montoya's office the new neuro and told her what was still going on and not improving, my sensory issues and the four times a day with the Gabapentin, and I also mentioned my stage three kidney failure, since Laurie said I should.
And now I am scheduled to see the ARPN Lyn in a couple of days to see what can be done?

WHOA what a tangled web I weave when I tell all to all!
Sadly, I wish it was to deceive, but Dagnabit it's all TRUE!

I should change this title to speaking my truth, hmm?

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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