I just did my part in helping our large contigency.

AARP Advocacy has been a huge force in getting us fifty and overs to contact our representatives on any of the topics going to go to a vote by our Congressional representative's and here is the one I called today, most are form letters that you sign and send on, some are toll free phone numbers to call to speak to them direct or their assistants, and this was a toll free call.
Ellie, the intern answered the phone and as it tells you to ask below, when you click on the site, that I wanted to know how our local representative Thomas Rooney would be voting on this issue, but she did not know and handed me off to Max Moody a legislative correspondent, only twenty-four years old. He too did not know how our representative will be voting, but I told him all my concerns, especially the ones about pre-existing conditions for young people ( You see, I am on Medicare, and he assured me that Medicare would not be touched i.e pre-existing and this does not affect me anymore, Obamacare or the new one that they are trying to pass, but all of our children and perhaps grands someday...will have to deal with this!) that they should not have escalated premiums or have other undetermined charges due to no fault of their own of having pre-existing health issues, and also my concern about the gouging by the pharmaceutical companies with their pricing of such necessary medications as Epipen, asthma related and insulin medications etc. He assured me he would pass it on to Rep. Rooney.

Below is one of many emails that I receive often and respond to just as often, this is the one I took action on today:

AARP advocacy sent this: online advocacy is quite painless. They do ask for monetary contributions, but that is a personal choice; in other words: you do not have to do it if you do not want to! You can still use this site for your advocacy without any monetary contributions.

"I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the special interest health care bill, which Congressional leaders just won't let die. So are we.
But until this bill is 100% dead and buried, we can't let up the pressure. Not when they're threatening to remove protections for people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other pre-existing conditions. Not
when they're pushing an age tax that could cost you up to $13,000 per year. Not when they're weakening Medicare, opening the door to Medicare cuts and vouchers.
As long as Congress keeps pushing this awful bill, we're going to keep pushing back twice as hard. XXXXX will you help us make sure that it never, ever becomes law?
Yes! I will call my Rep. and tell them to oppose this bill!
Thanks for everything you've done – and continue to do – to stop this terrible bill and stand up for affordable health coverage for all Americans. I'll be in touch soon with another update from Capitol Hill.

   AARP Campaigns"
The phone number gets you there then follow the prompts and you will get to your representative, I suppose due to caller I.D.?
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