Seas the Day is out of the water again!

Our 20' Sea Hunt center console fishing boat is off the lift and had to be towed, thankfully with our towing service through our Progressive boat insurance that we added on a few years ago, so it was for free. Otherwise one company, Sea Tow, said it would be $600 up front for them to go the two miles to the Charlotte County Beach Complex from our canal, so that Hubby could put it on the trailer there to either fix the injection system himself or take it in for repairs. Sea Tow said they would go for reimbursement through our insurance company after! Boat US was willing to go the other route with billing Progressive, that is if Progressive was also willing to; but as it turned out though Progressive had their own towing service that were here in about a half an hour! Good thing that we didn't have to go the route with the monies upfront.
Insurance always seems to eventually pay off, so I have noticed, good or bad, I suppose.
Any-who, the boat is once again on its trailer on our gravel RV pad alongside of our driveway. The only legal code way in our county to have a boat out front.
Hubby already decided if it's hot again, like it has been these last several days, in the NINETIES, would you believe, he will set up the tarp over his work space. Fortunately, starting tomorrow we have a cold front coming through, so in other words a decent drop in the temperature to fifties in the morning and seventies in the afternoon!
In order to take it in for repairs we have been quoted prices from anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars to fix it, including labor and computerized diagnostics.
We are willing to pay if necessary, but since two of the mechanics Hubby spoke to said basically the same thing that the injectors are clogged he was going to see if he could do it himself first.
We want it to run well to sell it to get a pontoon boat that I would be able to roll onto, so that I once again could ENJOY Florida life too!
We also decided that we will try to get some professional detailing prices too.
Then we will be able to get the most/best price for our efforts.
The total white fiberglass boat and all its white vinyl cushions and even its blue Bimini top are in excellent condition, and we recently bought a new battery just a couple of months ago, the engine is a 115 Yamaha four stroke, more gas efficient, we are the first and only owners, since the boat was bought brand new by us in 2003.
But since I have been unable to get up on to it these last few years it has not been used practically at all and has very low hours on it, best guesstimate is around three hundred, for a fourteen year old boat( i.e. this July), not bad at all, the gage was eaten by the sun, so it doesn't work.
There is a small head, porta potti room, underneath the center console, just right for long fishing or shelling or snorkeling or cruising or diving or water skiing or island hopping day trips!
All that we used to LOVE to do.
It has a live well, fish finder and GPS, rod holders, and a dive platform with a stainless steel ladder, a
Coast Guard package with life jackets, flairs and first aid kit, and a galvanized trailer too!
Truthfully, I will miss the old gal, we had many great memorable times on her, but it saddens me to look at her not being used, she needs to get out and do things! Have fun, enjoy life!
An even trade would be fantastic! Our boat for your pontoon?

Today it was a bit fussy with trying to get this all taken care of, it had been very disappointing about what we will have to do take care of the boat in order to sell it...

Moving on...

I napped today!
Haven't done that in quite some time.
I suppose my somewhat off sleeping habits have finally caught up with me.
By the end of the week I will be having my brain MRI with and without enhancement (injection), my cervical and thoracic with and without are both together next week. Recently, within the last few years they have you not eating for four hours before, years ago it didn't seem to matter. This will be my first MRIs in nearly two years.

I was so excited last week and that I wrote about in this blog, all about the new FDA approval of MS medication, Ocrevus, an IV given for a few days, six months apart, yes just twice a year that I first called Humana Specialty to see if they will be carrying it and they will be, and next I called my neuro's office and they got back to me yesterday with a will see, but in the interim I investigated further and found out that with my asthma and sleep apnea issues, mostly the asthma it would be contraindicated due to the fact that there is a 40% chance of it causing respiratory problems... I was bummed!
I suppose that Copaxone and me are in it for the long haul, so far we have been together for nearly seven years on just this one injectable, first taken daily, now, since 2014, a higher dose only three times a week... who knows maybe this will come out in a safe no drug interaction pill form too, as there are so many that I can't take.

On this noted, thinking out loud blog, allow me to ask you to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  

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