The entitle number is how many blogs that I have published including tonight's, since beginning my endless voyage (for me, not necessarily you, ha) on June 25th of 2008.
Barely missed a day, but if I had due to technical difficulties, including power failures I tried to make it up to me and of course you with a double dipping, duo, deuce, deux, dos, zwei, eyns, due, TWO, anyway you get the idea or in other words an additional one delayed by only the next day.

I feel that even when I am stuck somehow I manage to write something, not necessarily of value or poignant, but something that I feel compelled to say; this is MY story after all, and I am just a regular Jane with a verbose concept of why I do this as well as me doing this in that way with prolific scariness that surprises even me most days and my original concept of reasoning why I was doing this is... wait a second I'll get it ...YEP, for my legacy for my family!

And so I would like to take this moment in time in this brand new New Year of 2017 to tell them all how much I love them and always will no matter what!
That is for my Hubby and our sons and their spouses!
And most of the in-laws on any good day or other days too...KIDDING! Maybe not so much.
Sadly, only one parent left, her too, and no more aunts or uncles, they are all gone...!
But most all of my many cousins, 25 firsts, spread all over the place, and seconds too and those once removed ones...and my extended family members, as well as old and new friends and maybe even future ones, what the heck them too!
If I forgot anybody please forgive!

Whew that feels exhilarating, try it too you might like it, better yet say it everyday before it's too late!

Some times we forget to say what we feel in our hearts, but when we do I don't think that it evokes regrets ever, especially if you are expressing your love for them!

In closing with a very slight concern of sounding a bit too sappy I will end here and be thankful for all of you!

The New Year has begun so let us all have some fun!

Happy 2017!

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