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Many people revealed at this time of year too many sides

As we truly enter the holiday season so many reflect on the meaning of the Christmas-Hanukkah, Christian/ Judeo times that have brought understanding and beliefs to make the "holidays" be joyous for all! Hanukkah begins December 24th, Christmas Eve this year, united, and lasts till January 1st New Year's Eve also International, could it be a sign this year to share our beliefs of the season, I hope so!

And then there is a sad side of the season the memory of those who are no longer with us, and all faiths have that commonalty that could create depression and the best way to prevent that is we can do as citizens of this world is to make sure all human beings have comfort from one another by checking on some who might be alone, don't let that happen, share, your friends and families, be all inclusive!

And then there is a dark side to the season of racism, anti-Semitism and hate crimes against LGBT people, see something say something to someone who can change this horr…