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Seems as if we here in Florida have a new normal!

Our storms come in later in the afternoon than years in the past.
More like early evening seems to be their designated time frame /MO arrival these days.
Darn, just when I get my writing of this blog underway time zone.
Speed is no more my forte these days I have become the turtle of my teased name of my youth.
Guess it was probably due to the sing song sound with my first name.
So I seem to rush for fear now so that the lightning or power outage fear of that it might mess with my completion and although I think that I am going rather fast, but in reality, I suppose not too.
Funny how things we did as children comes back to us in our older ages.
Naps, trying to remember, diapers, ha, silliness, not driving, needing help, not always asking, etc. you get the idea.

But back to this storming thingy, when we first moved to Florida in 1986, August 19th to be exact, the rain/storm action would come in around three P.M. give or take fifteen minutes during our rainy/hurricane season from June…