City Farmers Market!

With music and very nice fruits and vegetables, as well as samples!
A great test of my will power, make that won't power; I ate nothing!.

The train of thoughts starts early here...
I am so ashamed to mention I had a slight set back with gaining three pounds, but I got back on track and have already lost most of it, yay!
Just put myself back on a stricter more appealing to me anyway soup and ice pops and protein drink choices, not diet.
Decision making, good or bad.
Also with clogged internal plumbing, now clearing, much better.

And today I also found out that my too low diastolic dysfunction has been known for the last fifteen years to be as dangerous in heart disease as high systolic.
It has to do with the chambers of the heart and whether or not they are flexible or stiff, too much salt can harm either.
I have never been a BIG salt eater, but lately I do seem to find myself adding Kosher salt to things I never bothered with, PS treating some people for high blood pressure for too long like I was, over eleven years, when my pressure was good could trigger it!
Mine was more like white coat syndrome, that is when a medical professional takes your blood pressure, when our lives were in turmoil then, but Hubby's is hereditary, his Mom and brother both have it, but my parents didn't.
My diastolic has been mostly in the fifties, and I seem better when it goes into the sixties.
Normal blood pressure is considered 120/80, mine runs around 105/ 54, see, too low.
High blood pressure is considered at anything around or above 140/90.
And contrary to some people's and even some medical people's conclusion, low after sixty is not better than high!
Heart disease is the same as with high, plus dizziness and falls are more prevalent.
So be aware and go to a doctor to be sure.

We almost never left the house today due to me feeling as if I was going to pass out, I was sweating too, but apparently a cold sweat since my body temperature when taken was only 97.3!
Now if I hadn't taken my thyroid medication that I had, and my nausea medication which I did take since I was also feeling nauseas and a Pepcid and all this happened when after I was lying back in bed due to the dizziness!
But within about forty-five minutes it passed or we would have been going to the hospital instead of the Farmers Market today!
We came home early, since we knew that I couldn't eat there.
I had my own homemade soup for lunch while being lazy in bed.

(My homemade soup was chicken, shrimp and bacon with mushrooms, onions carrots celery, and garlic with two sodium free chicken bullion packets and thyme, cumin, Kosher salt and cracked black pepper and of course water thickened with flour, it was enough for several servings and a new made up recipe from leftovers in the fridge. It would be fine with a tomato base too I bet, oh I also used Old Bay seasoning too, not too much, high in sodium, but just enough.  The chicken was from the rotisserie one we had gotten a few meals from, the shrimp was from the frozen ones I could not separate, and the chopped up bacon was because I thought that a mere three slices in this quantity would jazz it up! I crisped the bacon the old fashion way in the pan and even used the heaven forbid bacon fat, with olive oil and the Pam on the pan first to sauté the onions, mushrooms, garlic and celery, even the carrots then added in the liquid from the frozen mushrooms and water and chicken bullion as well as more water and the flour, once that all came together I added it into the big pot and added more water, the chopped chicken and lastly the large shrimps halved, and voila soup!) It lasted for two days and five meals for me.
Hubby had a sandwich.
For dinner he picked up already made ribs at Winn Dixie  and for me, my favorite tomato basil soup, canned but Heart Smart, the brand and not too bad in its content either!

On this delicious note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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