The BIG day arrived this afternoon!
What, one might wonder or ask, or not.
Well, I will tell you anyway.
This afternoon after three P.M. I removed my packing/gauze and bandage over my jugular on the lower portion of the right side of my neck, and the result was surprising.
Not totally unnoticeable, more like a tiny pimple bump on the lower side of the right of my neck, okay but not invisible like it had been when it was going in the vena cava filter.
Although, I am more than sure that its tiny weeny pimple will diminish over time, probably by tomorrow.
Geez, it could have been so much worse, I know that!
I am one lucky gal.

Moving on...

Now for an odd dilemma that I most likely caused with my unruly temper at times... Do you remember that $53.49 unauthorized renewal charge by Best Buy's Geek Squad for an anti-virus?

Well, the refund had not shown up in a timely fashion on my online bank's charge account and so I called the local Best Buy and complained. My reasoning is they quickly, immediately charge you, but when it comes to doing their refunding it takes seven to ten business days, what's with that, hmm?
So I told them it had been seven business days and there was nothing on my account indicating that they took care of the refund and I wanted it now!

Electronically it is instantaneously taken care of for so many different transactions why not for non-tangible product ones, as in this cancellation of the anti-virus?
All done electronically by them.

So the local Geek Squad manager said that she would take care of it now, and I suspect she had for... the original one suddenly appeared on my bank charge account online a week after it was said to be issued that very afternoon, after I spoke to their local office and I was relieved and then when I checked yesterday to make sure all was still copasetic, but to my astonishment there was another refund for the same amount from Best Buy! And so now for the last two days I have been trying to get them to take it back!

But get this, they are at a loss as they do not know how to do it!
I had even called my credit card bank to arbitrate this odd dilemma and we even did a conference call with them and us, and after about a half an hour their person told us they had no ability to change this.

They also agreed to turn the call over to someone who could take care of it and put us on hold to accomplish the transfer with my bank stoically holding on with me, and we both were horrified to hear that the wait time would be an hour and so as I had my son calling in on call waiting I suggested to the bank person that I would try again later, and that was today.

And I did, as I had before I explained the problem and the foreign person for Best Buy on an island in the south pacific, and he said to me so you want to reinstall your anti-virus; what??????????????????

I really thought I was making some progress, since they said they were the billing department for Best Buy's Geek Squad, and they were the only ones that could handle this, NOT!
So I explained as calmly as I could, and said that I wanted them to remove the second refund that was not necessary since the first one came through.
Oh I had called the local store and this time they insisted no one there could do this transaction!

After another too long to count conversation I was told that she would have some one call me back in an hour or two, and that was just before eleven A.M. this morning, and it is now nearly six P.M., after that by the time I post this.
I guess since I have checked the time difference and they are thirteen hours ahead of us in the Philippines', but it was two hours from when we spoke, not any particular time zone, I think, huh?

Could I now be the one not understanding?
Who knows... I guess I could consider it a Hanukah gift, although that would be dishonest, and I am nothing if not honest, and so I will prevail!
Perhaps after the weekend when their lives are less busy.

On this note of frustration in a consumer reverse situation, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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