Just got home!

Had an afternoon appointment, the last with the bariatric doc, I am set to go into surgery in about three weeks!
Two last docs to see and an additional out patient surgery with the vascular surgeon and then the hematologist/oncologist the week before.
I am high risk, but he is taking every precaution, so the bariatric doc said.
But... even so so many things could go wrong, and there is a list of nearly fifty!
He may fix my small hiatal hernia if it needs it while in there or take a liver biopsy if it calls for that too.
I do have a fatty liver that is caused by obesity itself and could turn into something more, thus if he feels I need the biopsy I said okay.
If I cant get up and out of bed he said I will end up in a facility that has physical therapy, so a good reason to try harder!

Anyway, we did eat out at the Bonefish Grill, and most of mine was brought home, Hubby finished his, all every bite!
We found that ordering appetizers in a fancy restaurant keeps the bill in a feasible cost effect range, he had corn crab chowder soup and shrimp stuffed with lobster, mine was shrimp too in a lemon sauce, and a wedge salad!
Too much really thus why it came home.
Ice water for the both of us.
The bill was $36 + tip, not bad for dinner, eh?

Any-who, tired now and very late to publish so I will wish you all a very happy good night and post this now!
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