Well, where should I start...

...today was aggravating, frustrating and productive!
My wrists have been showing some bruising and swelling, since they had been working hard on the parallel bars lifting me, very BIG me! Not to mention all the action on this keyboard...any-who, really who knows where the blame lies, but it does make for a difficult PT, physical therapy session.
That is trying to find what exercises will work for my needs.
Today Jaye, the woman, was my PT and she was trying everything but agreed that the parallel bars could be put off until my wrists felt better and even then we will be using more steps to balance on so my lift I imagine will not be that far for me to push?
We did gentle stretches in, ankles and arms with the red band this time, the stronger one and I was able to do it to the count of eight, but then we iced my wrists for ten minutes.
Annoying to know you gotta try and get stronger, but no matter what you do... lets put it this way it isn't that easy! That is supposed to be true for anything worthwhile in life though.

After the session we did eat lunch out at the Thai Café, it had been quite a while since our last visit, perhaps a few months.
Hubby had crispy duck and I had the curry duck, both were wonderful!
Food has been known to spread joy, true?

Anyway... from there we came home and I was happy to see that my neuro sent the prescription for my cooling vest telling them I do have MS, they need validation.
The reason we came right home is we have been having problems with our internet that is provided by CentryLink and I had called yesterday and they said on the phone that they would be here Friday afternoon between 1-5P.M., we asked for before four.
Then I got an email follow up and that said they would be here today!
So this morning I called before we left for PT and asked which was correct?
They said today, this afternoon.
And I tried to nail their time down, ha, I can hear you all saying that it is feudal, hmm?
I know I can't really hear you, but we all know like the cable guy no one truly knows when these people will arrive, not even them I have been told, ha!
So, I subliminally inserted into the conversation after two and before four please, leaving time for going out to lunch after my eleven A.M. forty-five minute PT session.
And somehow it appeared to work even though we managed to come home at one fifteen, they came at 2:47 P.M., but they did not leave our area till nearly six!
I will most definitely hold them to their suggestion of a seven day discount due to the problems they were here for just last Friday too!
It was on their outside lines that were frayed, they kept threatening if they had to come into our home we would be charged!
But alas it was blocks away, although they did need access to our garage, which technically was not inside our home...and they replaced the faulty wiring and expressed that the buffering, cutting off internet issue shall now be totally fine and no longer a problem!

They had put Hubby to work watching the meter in the garage where it comes into the house...for hours our service including our phones fluttered and me with two doctors to call back that left messages while we were out!
Both were for the pre-op surgery list, and there are a few more to go, one today was the sleep specialist and the other the heart/vascular specialist, and they have now been scheduled!
This all may take longer than I thought, since just those two are scheduled nearly a month from one another.
So the dye has been cast, thus the productive portion that I mentioned above.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings all around!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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