Do you ever have feelings of Deja vu?
Do you ever know/understand a foreign language, but never have studied it?
Have you been able to identify people that you never met, or has an associated scent help with distinct memories?
Have you had these feelings more significantly as a child or as an adult or both?
Do news stories seem all too familiar?
So many coincidences and so perhaps they are not really, since we all know that the law of averages tells us that it is impossible for too many of them, or is it?

No, we are not entering into the Twilight Zone!
Shall I continue?
I can't hear you, of course I can't in this one way medium, so I will take your silence as a YES!

Now for any of the religions that believe in reincarnation please turn off your computers now please or go to another site, because I do not want to sound rude, but I do have a logical theory why the above all might have actual explanations.

Onto my plausible theories...

When I was a child, or maybe yourselves too this has happened to, as I have mentioned before that my parents were older than most of my friends' parents by ten to fifteen years in many cases, so their childhood memories, or their stories and songs etc. that were told to me and that I have saved/stored them in my mind were a few decades older than my years of knowledge should have been or is.
Some perhaps are accessed when I least expect them to be, which on occasion has baffled even the adult me on where it came from.
Other things like finding out that I can understand Latin has mainly to do with my interest in writing and therefor word derivations that I used to fanatically look up at the drop of a hat, out of curiosity.
Most people who write or have an uncanny ability in grasping the English language and the meanings of most words, have this aptitude; nothing new there.

Sure when I was a kid I did think I was able to predict the future, one case in particular was when we had been away to a hotel in Lakewood NJ from Paramus for the holidays and when we got back to school it was fire prevention week and our second grade class was asked to draw posters and so I drew a picture of the hotel we had just stayed at on fire with fire trucks and firemen putting it out and even put the name of the hotel on the marque, well the next week it did actually burn down!
Scared me!
That had to be a very weird coincidence.
Other similar things though had happened before and since, although not as grand.
I am sure just more coincidences!
Now onto the evening news or even newspapers or radio news lets just say for arguments' sake  all methods of information, sadly history does repeat itself, Ta Da, we all know that!
Lastly, as far as knowing or feeling as if you know someone it is more than likely that mutual friends or family have described them to you and you kept that in you head, see explained.

Although, it can/has happened with complete strangers...who knows then what lurks, hmm?


Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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