Oddities in life

Stomach was misbehaving while at the rehabilitation physical therapy that caused me to cut, no actually needed for me to reschedule my PT for today. It will be tagged onto the end of my number of days that is in only a couple of weeks.
The oddity is that when we got home instead of taking Imodium or the likes of other upset stomach medicine I was very hungry and ate a homemade leftover dish that had brown rice in it along with cheese, albeit parmesan and it worked! After that my appetite has been horribly desiring to be fed? So I gorged myself, and oh what guilt, but I ate supper too!
No decent explanation for any of this.
Although, yesterday. we did eat only two meals, brunch and dinner.
I really thought that might be a good idea for me to do on a regular basis? Guess not if this is what happens, ha.

Two phone messages awaited for us when we arrived home.
One was from my neuro's office manager who had gotten a message from my internist, but had no idea why.
We figured it out when I returned her call, about my pre-test for the surgery!
The other was to verify I would be coming in for my us= ultrasound, who knew?
For my tummy!
And yes, Paula I would think you would.
My cousin who heads up the teaching program for such things.
I received the packet with all my doctors to see and tests needed to be done, a bit exhausting and a smidge overwhelming.
The questionnaire for the psych evaluation alone is around twenty pages!
All this for bariatric surgery, making sure my heads on straight I suppose.
Plus a chest x-ray, and us=ultrasound of my arteries in my limbs, 30 more blood tests, some an overlap with yesterday's, so will be subtracted.
Heart/vascular doctor has been scheduled, and awaiting the sleep test night to be scheduled too.

The worst part of this whole thing is that I am constantly tired, and my ankles swell so I get into bed and stay there.
Oh well, my sloth-like metabolism is horribly difficult to work around; meaning to think about weight loss concepts.
MS heat issues, previous skin cancer, causing sun shyness, inability to walk and on and on...
Not excuses in my case, truths.

Bad day.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Ya know something, what is the best part of life; there's always tomorrow, another day! YAY!
BIG SMILE inserted here.

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