PT Eileen arrived on time, and more on my political view, I know who cares, bud dump bum...

Today I do believe that I may be able to prevent atrophy or at least waylay it for awhile.
A program more to my abilities than my inabilities looks promising.
Tired in a good way.
Hope is alive again.
I have been a pill while taking them, could be a relationship there, usually is.
Forgive the attitude; don't touch your dial, I will use my own attitude adjustment.
Kidding, of course, ya think?
But wouldn't it be wonderful if we all did have a personal dial that we could access to control negative emotions?
Nah, when I think about it what if we did have an on/off switch, although it would be like those Stepford wives, husbands, children or just singles either sex or both with the ability to be happy and peaceful all of the time, ABSOLUTELY NOT!
I rather die now!
Emotions are what makes us human.
Not having them is like not caring, seriously.

Self control is fine, and of course decorum in large groups, behavioral complexes are confusing for us laymen in some ways.
Take that Frothy Orange Haired Guy, please take him anywhere but here, but seriously folks he has been ranting, raving and spewing hatred about people, beyond my understanding in the respect why are others lapping up his lunacy and seem to be in unbelievable agreement with him, what gives?
How can anyone get away with such behavior so horrible, mean and bizarre and no one say this is wrong?
They follow him as if hypnotized.
Normal people act as if zombies following, listening to him on his every word?
He gets them to respond in kind, which is bad and they enjoy the concept of his to in sight to riot!
Many have been told horrible anti-any group of persons different from themselves to hate and they seem to agree with this horrid man/monster, hater!
How is this possible, in this day and age, haven't we learned enough from history?
He must be stopped!
But how?
It's getting down to the wire in this campaign.
Short of "firing him", if only, I wish I knew how.
That would be too easy.
Oh well.
Hopeless, hapless, now I am bumbed, you too?
Let me know if there is a way to resolve this very possible horrific possibility of he becoming the GOP Candidate and heaven forbid the actual PRESIDENT, scary!
There has got to be a legal, non-violent, logical, humane...whoa, did I say that?

On that note of Geez I have bad bad thoughts, better kept to myself, you too when it comes to him I suspect, allow me anyway to ask you to be the very first to have a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you also to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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