The head of the in home care called me today

A gentleman named John called me and he said that he was the head of the physical therapy department, hmmm, yes that was his name, so he said, ha.
When I originally called after Astrid the OT wanted to come today to give me sitting exercises and one pound weights to exercise my arms, I had foolishly told her yes without thinking. Hubby came in from the garage and we discussed that and both thought that was not going to be quite beneficial or what I really needed. Anyway the name of the top nurse in charge of it all that I had been told was Karen who was to call me back, but she never called, John did.
We consequently cancelled Astrid and Stan, and we're told that next week I would be getting a new PT, one who will do more strengthening type exercises for all three days a week.
YES! That is what I had asked for.
Jean, the nurse, did come today, on time, her last visit.
She agreed that PT is more what I needed.
My vitals were all fine.
The problem is that the diagnosis for my needs was originally incorrect.
They were treating me more for my back issues from the fall that I had had than my Multiple sclerosis, I guess in reality both are not good.
The nurse, Tracie, from my neuro's office finally called back and verified that my MS is now in the Secondary Progressive form and apologized for taking so long getting back to me due to how short handed they're and that from now on they will try to do better. And she also verified that how I handled my upping of the Gabapentin dosage was fine; I thanked her and told her I understood. 

 Even the news anchor responded to my last night's blog and said that she was forwarding my story to Lee Memorial Hospital where their story originated from that was about the elderly man with MS exercising at their facility with all four of his limbs while he was in a manual wheelchair with arms actually being the only parts that he was able to exercise, not his legs that were lifeless.
And the fact that MS programs are different for everyone, since MS is different for everyone, the news anchor seemed to get it!

As we all know assumptions can be nasty.

The point of all this is that we are in charge of our own healthcare as long as we have all our mental faculties; I do know mine are questionable, bud, dump bum...
But truly the issue here is most of us know our own bodies.
And so when, and I don't care if you haven't a medical license, you know what feels right for you like anything else in life, trust your gut and most of all ask questions, never take anything for granted.
Be a motor mouth with your concerns, no shame in people there to help you knowing why!

All in all if all else fails, just say, next!
You are a consumer.
If your TV was broken or any other appliance or someone you hired did shoddy job on your home I bet you surely would say something about that, so don't be shy about your "temple" AKA your body is much more important than any inanimate object you own!
So take charge!

On this note of speaking loudly my mind but trying to be courteous too, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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