No show

I thought that today I was supposed to have OT with Astrid the Occupational Therapist, but she did not arrive or call. So when she was twenty minutes late I called the main number to find out what happened. When she did call back she said that Sherry will be seeing me for actual occupational therapy, and that she just determines what you need, okay. Sherry called and is scheduled now for Thursday while we wait for my Copaxone order to arrive and that has to be signed for anyway and I never know at what time it will come. Tomorrow late afternoon is Stan the PT and my six month eye doctor appointment is in the late morning with my eye surgeon. Astrid also was going to try and get Sherry to come before five today, but I felt it was too late.
Friday is Jean the nurse with Stan again, so I've been told. I had called my neuro Friday afternoon about my additional Gabapentin and they never called me back so I called again today, and after I was put on hold two times and got my message through finally, they still did not call back.
Disgusted I called my internist's office to speak with her nurse to verify that what I am doing is the right way and she called back within an appropriate amount of time and verified it was fine, whew!
Next week Hubby goes for his colonoscopy and that schedule we have to figure out surrounding that too. Number One Son is coming down to drive him to the surgery center and home again. It's the same one that we both had gone to for our endoscopy. The staff there was very nice and efficient and before I knew it, I was all done!

Ya know that I think that in business, even medical, especially medical personnel that you should tell your customer/client/patient what is what, true?
Bad day with dealing with people who you depend on to know what they are doing.
Two things, first one: the receptionist at my neuro's office verified I had called Friday at five after three and when I called today she also thought that they should have returned my call by now. At this hour still no call back, about dosage of medication??????
Second one: Astrid wrote on the folder OT 3:00 P.M Tuesday and Thursday, she wrote it and did not show up for my therapy??????
So it is NOT me!
I think; I'm just saying...

Stress is not good for any of us.
Distraction, distraction, distraction, my latest Mantra, and I should follow through, yep I will!
Do something you enjoy.
Read about people you are interested in, their bios, news makers, theatrical folk, historic beings, etc. etc....
Eating comfort food.
Not a good choice for me, but what if I told you seafood, sweet potatoes, asparagus, a great tossed salad and the like are my idea of a good time?
Yep, sorry to disappoint.
Oh yeah the occasional ice-cream sundae, mine is a soft serve chocolate with strawberry topping and just 230 calories!
Oh well.
I am sloth-like all due to lack of motion, due to lack of ability to move more.
Isometric exercises aside, for some reason they elevate my blood pressure, even with my medicine.
I don't recall that happening before, so I have no idea if that is normal or what.
But Stan takes my blood pressure after and it always seems to go up a little too high.
That I think is why after I had also in that exercise program of isometrics and walking a few steps he stopped after only twenty minutes?
I will have to ask him.

That's it for tonight.

My notes are the composition of record of all that I am currently experiencing at this juncture in my illness, and so allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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