Nerve wracking day

Most people are better than me in handling things that directly affect me.
Sure because its not them, ha!
The last couple of days I have been trying to arrange for my OT, occupational therapist, evaluation to acquire an assistive device, in other words a motorized wheelchair, and today I heard back from my neuro's office in Sarasota, Jennifer, who told me even though my order has their local OT on it, it can be used down here at my local rehabilitation center that I have taught Aquacise at, have done independent exercise at, and also have been through their occupational, physical and neuromuscular therapy seventeen times previously over nearly twenty years. And that she has also sent those other letters explaining my MS needs to the Multiple sclerosis Foundation to have our/Hubby's bathroom changed into ADA, accessible, it's already larger than the one I have called mine.
So I called the local place and spoke to them and they said they need more than the order they need a signed form from my doctor! This is my first doctor from out of county with them. But alas Trish said when I come in next week that she will fax them and take care of it that way, yay!
Next, during dinner we got one of those prescription robo calls that tells you to hold on the line that they want to speak with you saying your name, but then they ask you your ID Number, but they called you and you are eating dinner and don't have your insurance card or pocket book at the table in your home, hold on! Hubby got it.
They want to set a delivery date of my specialty medication my injectable Copaxone, it comes once a month refrigerated and needing to be signed for, especially since they delivered it once to the wrong house!
Once we established they had received the new prescription, due to me seeing the neuro on Monday they tried seeing which day would be the best for delivery.
And stated that the co-pay would be $175 for the 5K a month medication, but I said I do not have a co-pay and that it is covered by the Assistance Fund, and they said we do not have that information here. I said this is my April delivery and I have been with them for the last few years and you sent me the last three months with them paying the co-pay. Hold again, she said, I asked if they would call me back after they straighten this out, okay...she finally agreed.
Meanwhile I called the Assistance Fund and this time, a rare occasion, it was on their end.
Apparently, Vivien there said they had forgotten to put my yearly application through, all fixed now, no problem, anymore that is, all set till December 31st, again, and they are thorough for you to meet their criteria yearly, proof of income etc.!
Oh well, it is now all taken care of once again and she called Humana Specialty RX and they will be calling me soon to set up my delivery day again!
My life and welcome to it.
Oh and yesterday I received a seventy-seven and change bill as a co-pay from last year's MRI in June, odd since I had Medicare with Colonial Penn then as my supplemental, and I thought I figured out the mistake they had not billed my secondary! I called and they apologized that their computer was at fault this time, since the bill had been paid a while ago and I actually owed nothing!
But how many would have gone ahead and paid it without questioning, hmmm?
I always ask.
Still aggravating.

Oh well.
I have survived another week in my life and the beat goes on...

So on this note of whatever floats your boat, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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