3D, no special glasses needed, but I did smile!

I went for that squeezer boobie process that all women dread, but is for our own good, we are told.
I suppose as much as men with their unmentionables/testicles checked similarly by medical professionals grasping them
Back to my girls, I guess that is what a few still call their breasts these days, hmm?
Any-who, mam, mammography, day, takes on a whole new meaning now that our female chest protuberances can be photographed, that is that their insides can be in 3D no less!
Yes, they can do slices of layers and layers in film of meaty muscle and fat and see what is there or if anything is not supposed to be there, and personally I find this amazing!
And a good chance for no more false positives!
If only...
Truly a wonderful concept and totally covered by Medicare!
Much better than what I have been through over the years...
I have been mutilated, cut up, tortured three different times!
First in 1992 my left one had a surgical lumpectomy biopsy and was found to have hyperplasia ductal, benign, but possibly pre cancerous, nothing did happen, thankfully. Done by a plastic surgeon classy, nearly no scar.
Second time 2002, bi-lateral, yep both, surgical lumpectomies biopsies, and both benign!
But right one dissected and put back together after removal of a specimen under the nipple that also had been removed and replaced, horribly!
Third time 2012, right one done stereotactic lumpectomy biopsy, benign! Very slightly noticeable.
First two were done surgically due to my breasts being too tiny for stereotactic, which is much less invasive.
Sure I am thrilled NO CANCER was found in any of them, at any time!
But still a frightening experience each and every time.
The being told something wasn't right after the mam.
Any of you who have been through that wait knows how long it seems, like forever, actually days.
Oddly enough even way back when a negative/benign result was what you eventually got, it didn't  mean you were notified any sooner than if heaven forbid it was cancer. Yes, cancer is now told to us much sooner, although with my skin cancer it did not come any sooner than if it wasn't, about ten days, even with it needing surgical intervention, MOHS.
The wait seems to take forever as if weeks/years/decades, what-have-you, it does seem that way!
Of course finding out all is well is absolutely the best!
Nothing can make that feeling any better than most all other elations in life, marriage, birth or such!

Anyway, the reading of the additional layers takes longer, but worth the wait, and thankfully all was GREAT!
Until next year, I am good, on this test that I did pass completely, YAY!

So on this happy, healthier note boobie wise that is allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy, healthy safe and peaceful good night, and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS who would have thunk it that I would become a 3D X rated movie star at this age, ha!

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