Everyone, I just want to let you all know you are not going blind when I touched on the side panel to adjust the " post settings", for some ridiculous reason it published my blank blog, unwritten as of yet!
I will not apologize since I really believe it was not my fault.
In reality I have consistently tried not to cause head scratching, really?
Although, I must admit there are times that even when I fill the page with an abundance of words, many of you must scratch your heads and that is true?
But at those times it is done intentionally, ha! (So I say and after I lied and said that I did not! For shame!)
Reasoning below:
Part of my enjoyment of writing is when people wonder or want to understand or think, about anything... ya know how that is, causing interest or feedback.
I think many of my readers are international, as many as ten countries show up on the overviews, but most views are from the US, due to the overviews on the Google page the count for today was a total of nearly fifty, but it doesn't register on Facebook.
So weekly I still only get a few hundred, and for my month's count it is over a thousand, usually, these days.
To date, I have just under 64K for the seven plus years, a little more than five months till eight that I have been writing this.
Not impressive at all, but that is not why I do this, who knows...
It's for me as a diary, my family legacy, sort of.
And if anyone can relate, that will be fine.

We all think to someday leave remembrances for family for when we are gone.
My cousin who recently passed away in December suggested that I do this back in 2008, this blog, he was into his eighties when he died. And also there are so many questions I forgot to ask my parents before they died, back in 1982, Mom, and Dad in 1986. I was a young Mom then in my thirties, ya know?
Thanks Cuz for this great idea!
Any-who, this has been helpful in keeping my sanity at times.
And are you sure?
I can hear ya; nah I can't hear you or be sure, but I bet you are wondering, maybe, hmm?
Well, as I said before it's like writing down those pros and cons columns for making BIG decisions, getting to see in written word what is actually going on, on any given day, better than worrying, okay, I still do that, but not as much, truly!

Anyway, so I muddle on and amaze myself with my verbosity and veraciousness.
I'm not saying it's all good, definitely not Pulitzer worthy, but it does make me realize that my brain is still working, sort of... I know questionable, ha!
I think therefore I am, ha!
Otherwise who knows what mischief I would get into; most would have to admit this is harmless entertainment for one's self.

Next time you judge a blog for being a narcissistic way for a person to be full of them self in too much sharing, perhaps rethink, it might not be...I'm just saying, judge not or you could be judged, whoa bible gal and not even accurately, oh well, forgive and allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and please count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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